• Christopher

    Christopher has hosted 16 episodes.

    Hey, this is Chris and he likes tech. He also likes cheese. You know who else likes cheese? Pandas. Probably. He's not a zoologist so you should wikipedia that. It all started one day when he was born not a zoologist. He continued to live in Vermont for 30 years having been a baker, a grocer, a music instrument store manager, a son, a brother, a friend, a band mate, a human but still nothing to do with zoology. And having succeeded in never doing anything in zoology that would answer our initial query he finds himself hosting a podcast for present and future tech, geek, and video games.

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  • Colin

    Colin has hosted 16 episodes.

    Colin was born in vitro on a secret DARPA research space station in geosynchronous orbit over London. Alone on the station, his maturation was monitored remotely and all he was given was a terminal with internet connection and basic food. With no human connection to learn from, he had to grow up entirely from information gleaned online, in chat rooms, and in the comments section. Early on, he learned of crumpets and tea through Alta Vista and it became his mecca as he endured the constant science experiments. When he finally escaped by building his own matter reorganizer from parts around the station, Colin attempted to reorganize himself in London. Unfortunately, his calculations were astray and he rematerialized in New England. Still, keeping a stiff upper lip he resolved to earn enough money for the trip to London by starting a technology and gaming podcast known as "Shiny".

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